'Can you draw me a mentally ill person?' | My Other Tongue | Beautiful Distress House | 2018‘Can you draw me a mentally ill person?’ | My Other Tongue | Het Vijfde Seizoen, Beautiful Distress  | 2018

Jesse Strikwerda (1991) creates installations and sculptures in which the manipulability of reality is central. Unraveling the layers of a constructed reality is the starting point for an investigation into the framework of an image. Constructions get pushed over, raised up, hidden and shown to an audience. Backdrops are hung in front of each other, as a concealment of the underlying structure, and then lifted again by the artist to provide the same structure with a stage. Elements from reality (building materials, party items, found objects) are interspersed with images (drawings, comic-like elements and clay objects), creating an exciting game in which it becomes painfully clear in a playful way that everything can be made and dismantled.


Expoplu Exchange / Expoplu / Group project


Spacemakers / Galerie Poulloeuf / residence / group exhibition 


A Ruler with no Numbers / Moira / Solo exposition


THIS ART FAIR / Beurs van Berlage / Art fair

My Other Tongue / Het Vijfde Seizoen, Beautiful Distress / Group Exposition

A Fanastic Life as Digital Theatre / WGkunst / Solo Exposition